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Offered for sale is a RARE ORIGINAL ADVERTISING POSTER FROM JULIUS STREICHERS ANTI-SEMITIC PERIODICAL ‘DER STÜRMER’ (THE ATTACKER) PROMOTING THE SHOULDER-ON-SHOULDER BATTLE OF THE STORMTROOPERS AND THE STÜRMER AGAINST WORLD JEWRY! We do have four of these posters, each with a small piece missing on one of the corners but basically identical. A great percentage of the anti-Semitic Third Reich publications was discarded after 1945. Some of the today rare books have survived but posters like the ones that are offered for sale here are extremely hard to find. Once framed, this item of historic significance will make a great display item for museums and private collections!

Offered here is a 225 x 320mm or 9 x 12-1/2 inch poster, published and printed by Julius Streicher’s publishing house in Nuremberg. It aimed especially at members of the SA (Stormtroopers or Brown-shirts) and was probably intended to be displayed in the so called “Stürmerkasten” and in SA homes. The “Stürmerkasten” was a public display case in every village where copies of the periodical as well as such posters were on display.

This is the full text, followed by the English translation:

SA und Stürmer
marschieren und kämpfen gemeinsam
Unser Ziel: Was der Führer will,
Unser Streben: Deutschland muss leben,
Die Losung sei: Von Jud und Judenknechten frei!
Der Stürmer klärt Dich auf und gibt Dir das Rüstzeug für den Kampf
Schulter and Schulter mit unserem Führer Adolf Hitler gegen den Juden.
Liess den Stürmer regelmässig und sorge für seine weitesteVerbreitung!
Ohne Lösung der Judenfrage keine Erlösung der Menschheit!

SA und Stürmer
are marching and fighting together together
Our goal: what the Führer wants
Our striving: Germany must live
The parole shall be: Free of Jews and Jewish enslavement
The Stürmer gives you the knowledge and the material for the battle…
Shoulder to shoulder with our Führer Adolf Hitler against the Jew.
Read the Stürmer and get it circulated as much as possible!
No redemption of mankind without solving the Jewish question

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