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The size of these hard-to-find hardcover books is 6-1/2 x 9-1/4 inch. Each volume has between 280 and 300 pages, and all are in very good to as-new condition. These publications were the official yearbooks of the protestant church for Germans living outside the boundaries of the German Third Reich. 1932 was the first year when it was published by Dr. Ernst Schubert, a Priest of the German protestant church. Except for the 1936 volume we are offering the entire set from 1932 to 1939, reflecting seven years of church in Nazi Germany. It is very interesting how much the church supported the National Socialist movement, i.e. by stating something like

“Wir evangelische Deutsche der Ostmark sind glücklich, durch die Tat des geliebten Führers heimgekehrt zu sein in das grosse Deutsche Reich” (We the protestant Germans in the Ostmark are glad that we came back home into the great German Reich, thanks to the action of our beloved Führer)

“Heil Hitler!” (Hail to Hitler)

“Dank der rettenden Tat des Führers wendet sich die furchtbare Not unserer Volks- und Glaubensgenossen in Polen…” (Thanks to the Führer the misery of our German brothers and sisters in Poland has come to an end…)

A very interesting and hard to find original Third Reich church book set which will make an important addition for anyone’s collection of historical German material, especially on the role of the church in Nazi Germany!

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