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“Germany must die and disappear from earth’ surface forever. Fortunately this demand is no longer out of the question” writes the Jew Kaufman. You can read in the brochure “Das Kriegsziel der Weltplutokratie” how Jewry thinks to accomplish this task. After you read this brochure you will see why it is so important that every Jew now can be easily recognized in the public as he has to wear the yellow star. You will also understand that every Jew is the enemy of our people, wanting all of us to die. You will understand that every German who, out of wrong sentimental reasons, supports the Jew, even if he is only friendly to him, will be a traitor of the German people. Our people are fighting the greatest battle in its history and our soldiers risk their lives every day. The German Wehrmacht is making sure that the gruesome plan which the Jew Kaufman declared the world will never become reality.”

“Whenever you see this sign you must remember what the Jew has done to our people:

-The Jew was the one who originated the collapse in 1918

-The Jew then brought himself in the important positions in the government and economy and ruined the country

-The Jew did not care that there were seven million unem-ployed in Germany

-The Jew ruled the theaters and movie industry and wan-ted to poison the German people

Many of us remember these tragic days as a bad dream but all this is nothing compared to this: for the first time World Jewry spoke out in public what their real desire is

“Germany must die”

80 million hard working, honest and civilized German men, women and children shall be annihilated. That is the plan the Jew Theodore Nathan Kaufman, spokesman of World Jewry explains in his book…”

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