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THIRD REICH LITERATURE is the only book of its kind about books that were published in Hitler-Germany. It took many years to assemble the collection that is depicted in this book. Shown is a great selection of original books that were published by or for the following important Nazis and/or the following organizations: Adolf Hitler, NSDAP, Prof. Heinrich Hoffmann, Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Dr. Robert Ley, Hermann Göring, Wolfgang Willrich, Erna Lendvai-Dircksen, Julius Streicher, SA, SS, Police, SS-Lebensborn, SS-Ahnenerbe e.V., Hitler Youth, BdM, Reich Labor Service (RAD), German Labor Front (DAF), KdF or Strength through Joy, D.D.A.C., NSKK, NS-Frauenschaft, Organisation Todt (OT), Reichskulturkammer (RKK), Stürmer Publishing House, Blood and Soil and Deutsche Reichspost.

Furthermore shown is a variety of books about the following subjects: the rise to power of the NSDAP, Hitler’s Mein Kampf, books on Nazi Germany written by foreigners, runic symbols and their meaning in the Third Reich, songbooks, racial studies, anti-Semitism, school books, German Library of Information in New York, Third Reich nudist books, Third Reich eagles, books about the “Back Into The Reich” programme, books about the Reich Party Days, the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, books about Third Reich architecture as well as about the Reichsautobahn, books on Hitler-Germany and its cities, a selection of Third Reich war and military books.

Book Specifications:

  • 176 pages
  • 8-1/2 x 11 inch size
  • More than 400 Third Reich books are shown and explained
  • 900 Photos and Illustrations, mostly in full color
  • Full Index
  • Full color, laminated hardcover, perfect bound and barcoded
  • Copyright © 2012 by Warneke, Inc.

Third Reich Literature is available only in hardcover at a price of US $49.95 per copy. Postage and Packing by USPS Media Mail to all destinations in the U.S. is US $5.00 for the first book and $2.00 per copy for each additional book. International shipping charges vary and have to be determined individually. Free shipping for orders of five or more books! Checks or money orders must clear before shipment. Please send your order & payment to: Warneke, Inc, PO Box 2844, Rapid City, SD 57709-2844

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  1. S. B.

    Hi Andreas, I just wanted to say that I received your book and I am very happy with it. It is beautiful and a work of art. It will take me many hours to read and enjoy it all. Well done. Thank you for signing my copy. Sincerely, S. B.

  2. D. P.

    Andreas, Just wanted to say that I received your book today and it looks great. The photos are clear and the presentation is excellent. Look forward to reading it. D. P.

  3. G. G.

    Dear Andreas, Thanks for your book on Third Reich Literature. Amazing layout. Paging through the book I see many familiar covers, and some surprisingly new. Just a minor remark: on page 96 you mention Kurt’s Berliner Fibel,. This should be Hirt’s Berliner Fibel. Ferdinand Hirt was a well known publisher of children’s books, especially for school books in the northern part of Germany. Mistakes like these can easily be made, because the used letters are Sütterlin, Gothic (Fraktur) or Latin. Especially Sütterlin is cause for many confusions. Best wishes, G. G.

  4. B.L.

    Andreas, My copy of your new book arrived yesterday in excellent condition. All I can say is WOW! What a spectacular book, to say the least. Well done, Andreas and thank you for the personalization of my copy! I certainly will recommend it to others when an opportunity arises. I wish you great success with the book. B.L.

  5. J.M.

    Hallo, Andreas, I have received your book and have begun to read it. In my opinion, it well may be the most comprehensive reference on the subject. Trefflich getan! J.M.

  6. S.C.

    Andreas, I just wanted to let you know that I received the book. Absolutely wonderful job! I am very impressed! You have inspired me to get mine started. Again JOB WELL DONE !!! on your book, very nice indeed. S.C.

  7. M.V.

    Hello Andreas: WOW!!! I received your book a couple of days ago and have been reading ever since. It is a GREAT book!!!!! I also appreciate the dedication. I have had many of the books so I can relate. Makes me want to start collecting again. M.V.

  8. John

    I wanted to tell you that your book arrived in perfect condition, to thank you for your personal message in the book, and to tell you just how fantastic I think your book is, and I am looking forward to your next publication. Very best wishes, John.

  9. Todd Holmes

    I purchased this book about five years ago, and it introduced me to the hobby of collecting Nazi German books. I own several Third Reich era books, including a library bound “Illust. Beobachter 1931. Great book, well-illustrated.

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