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The book is in very good condition, no damage to any of the pages, only very minor signs of wear. This book and the two other books that were published before by Julius Streichers Stürmer Verlag in Nürnberg were regarded as such dangerous material that the Allies destroyed every copy they could find. This book was regarded too crude even among many Nazi officials!

Offered for sale is a very nice copy of the soft cover edition, published in 1940. The extremely anti-Semitic text is written by Ernst Hiemer who was Streicher’s right hand. The illustrations are drawn by Willi Hofmann. Like the two other books it contains short stories. Each story compares the Jews to unpleasant forms of animals like drones, poisonous snakes, tapeworms, bedbugs, locusts, hyenas, mongrel dogs, even bacterias! Some experts today consider this book even more dangerous than the other two anti-Semitic children’s books, Der Giftpilz and Trau Keinem Fuchs The reason is that children normally have a great interest in nature and animals and Hiemer constructed short stories of animals with unpleasant or dangerous characteristics and transfers them over to the Jews to demonstarte how undesirable the Jews are for the human world. Unlike in the other two books that were intended for younger children this book gives a clear call to take action and to participate actively in the war against the Jews. The author leaves no doubt that the unpleasant forms of life in the animal kingdom must be exterminated, that it is a natural and expected occurrence. It must have been also only natural for the young reader that therefore the Jews had to be exterminated, too!

In the introduction of another very rare Julius Streicher publication, “Die Judenfrage im Unterricht” , published in 1937 by Stürmerverlag, Streicher states in the foreword: “The National Socialist State requires that the teachers lecture about the racial theory in German classroom and for the German people the racial theory means the Jewish Problem”!

The title, an arrangement of several dog names, comes from one of the stories which focuses on a mongrel dog.

Considering that it was a book for kids that was published 70+ years ago it is in very good condition. The binding is tight, none of the pages has been separated or are otherwise damaged.


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