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This extraordinary album was published in 1933 by Cigaretten-Bilderdienst Altona-Bahren-feld in Germany. This book with its spectacular embossed cover is complete with all pictures accurate pasted into the text. This album never came with a dust jacket but with a slip case which has protected this album well over all these years. This album is about the struggle for power, resulting in Hitler becoming elected Reich Chancellor in 1933. This is volume one of a planned series of albums but only two volumes were ever published.

The 9-1/2 x 12-1/2 inch, 92-page album is complete. The photo on the front cover shows the Quadriga on top of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin which carries the Nazi swastika flag since 8 March 1933, the day of the National Socialist revolution! There are 2 7 4 photo-like pictures pasted into the text. The overall condition is very nice. The occasional stain spots are from the glue that seeped through over the years but none of the pages are stuck together or otherwise damaged because of that.


They are coming from the studios of Heinrich Hoffmann, Adolf Hitlers personal photo-grapher. This early photo book even has pictures and a full page of text about SA-Leader Ernst Röhm! After the so called “Night Of The Long Knives” he was replaced by Viktor Lutze and all photos of him had to be removed from from every publication.

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