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Offered for sale is a RARE ORIGINAL 1939 JUBILEE EDITION OF ADOLF HITLER’S “MEIN KAMPF”. THIS LIMITED EDITION WAS PUBLISHED IN 1939 ONLY, IN RECOGNITION OF THE FÜHRER’S 50th BIRTHDAY. The Jubilee Edition contains full page pictures of early posters from the 1920s announcing Hitler speaking

Adolf Hitler’s autobiography and political manifest. The copy that is offered for sale was published 1939 by Central Publishing House of the NSDAP, Franz Eher, Nachf. in Munich, Germany. In recognition of Hitler’s 50th birthday a limited edition, called “Jubiläumsausgabe” (Jubilee Edition) was published. It was a “DeLuxe” version of the regular blue Volksausgabe (People’s Edition), but also larger in size. The copies offered here are in very nice condition. The binding is tight and all pages are intact on all of them and therefore they are all the same price. Two come in their original but damaged or incomplete slipcases.

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