Adolf Hitlers New Reichschancellery (Reichskanzlei) was the center of National Socialist Power from 1938 - 1945!

Offered for sale is an original rare Stationery from the “Amt für Gnadensachen” or “Office for Matters of Grace” which was located, like Adolf Hitlers office, in the Reichschancellery which was located in the Voβstrasse 4 (Voss – Strasse 4) in Berlin - Mitte, very close to the Potsdamer Platz, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag and the Air State Ministry of Hermann Göring!

The Reichschancellery, which, constructed and built from Albert Speer in record time, was the pride of the 21st German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler! Everything was of giant scale in this building, the Marble Gallery was even longer then the Mirror Gallery in Versailles, home of Louis XIV who was also a megalomaniac and the general intention was to impress foreign visitors about the strength and power of the National Socialist Germany!

The size of the stationery is DIN A4 which means 210 x 295mm or 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 inches, it has an embossed Nazi State Eagle on the upper left corner and below the State Eagle KANZLEI DES FÜHRERS DER NSDAP and in smaller letters “Amt für Gnadensachen”. On the upper right is the address of Adolf Hitlers New Reichschancellery including phone numbers for local calls (Ortsverkehr) and for calls from out of area (Fernverkehr).

This very rare original Nazi document is in mint condition with absolutely no damage and is for sale for $ 255.00 including shipping with Priority Mail within the U.S.
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