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Offered for sale is a VERY RARE ORIGINAL ANTI-SEMITIC POSTER BY JULIUS STREICHERS ANTI-SEMITIC PUBLISHING HOUSE ‘IM JUDENPARADIES’ (INSIDE THE JEWISH PARADISE) WITH A CLEAR CALL TO ANNIHILATE WORLD JEWRY! The Stürmer calls for the ‘Vernichtung des Weltverbrechers Alljuda’ (Annihilation of the world’s greatest criminal: Jewry)!

This extremely rare poster was publsihed by Julius Streicher’s Stürmerverlag in Nuremberg. This double sided 9-1/4 x 12-1/2 inch poster in excellent condition is announcing an upcoming publication of a series of eye witness reports from Russia. A German laborer who once migrated to Russia reported to the Stürmer about the horrors, suffering, hunger and chaos he experienced. And of course the Jews are to blame. Under their reign in Russia innocent men, women and children are tortured to death, live under horrible conditions, don’t have food, don’t have good jobs and in most cases don’t have a real home. It basically says that Russia, run by Jews, is the land of horror and to prevent something like this ever to happen in the ‘civilized’ world there can be only one way: the annihilation of the Jewish race! And because the Stürmer is the number one source for information about Jewish crimes the publisher asks every good German to read this paper frequently and to take action! A very rare piece of anti-Semitic propaganda in very good condition.

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