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Offered for sale are two rare original postcards, written and signed by Julius Streicher, Gauleiter of Franconia and publisher of the anti-Semitic periodical ‘Der Stürmer’ as well as a number of anti-Semitic books, including childrens books, such as ‘Der Giftpilz’. One postcard is from 1912 and the other from 1917. They are both addressed to a Herr xxxx Wagenknecht (can’t decipher the first name) who lived in Nuremberg but must have gone to Munich (that’s what it says in the address) in 1912 because Julius wishes them a safe trip. Wagenknecht and Streicher must have been good friends, not only are the postcards five years apart but the 1912 postcard he signed with Euer Julius (your in plural form Julius). We are unable to decipher the 1917 postcard and don’t know what rank he had in WWI (we know he was a decorated soldier in World War One) but if he was a Leutnant in 1917 the postcard has his military address as the sender. The 1912 postcard was sent from Türkheim – near Nuremberg). Two rare early postcards from one of the handful of defendants of the Nuremberg Trials who were hanged. Full money back guarantee for authenticity.



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